Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 9 - A better day

Today was a much better day.  The company I work for has relocated over that last week so we have been moving things around and today was a relaxing day.  It's off season for us right now so it's not very busy right now. (I work for a landscaping company).  I think it's great that I can work with people that I get along with so well.  

We had an issue on Friday with something at work and what do we do? We stop and pray about it.  This is why I'm so grateful for living in the US, we have the freedom to pray whenever we want to.  I feel it's sad though that kids are not allowed to pray at school anymore.  When I was in high school I was in a Christian fellowship group that met in the mornings, if I wasn't able to do that high school would have been much worse for me.  

Our freedoms are taken for granted some times.  There are so many men and women who work hard and give more than some people really know so that we can have these freedoms.  

As I start to write I think about the people I know that were in the military.  I know several, more than I realized.  I have friends, relatives and even a husband that gave time for our freedom.  

Do you ever think about that?  How many people do you know that served the country in one branch of the military?

BTW, welcome to my lack of focus. Jumping around in my head as always. 

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