Friday, March 28, 2014


It's been too long since I've written anything, anywhere.  I figured I have a few minutes to stop in and share.  

As a fangirl, I saw posts today about a lady that passed away today from melanoma.  What I've seen is amazing.  To see one person has impacted so many others, even those she hadn't met face to face.  I never met her, I'd seen her posts from time to time.  

In the past couple of years life and death has been brought to my attention and slammed in my face way too often.  It's something that sometimes we have to get real and look at.  What kind of a legacy will you leave behind?  I want to share what a few of the people that have been lost in the last few years left as their legacy. 

Jeff - a devout follower of Jesus.  Even when struggling with cancer, he was amazing.  He was the third in his family to have cancer.  Many years before his daughter had cancer in her eye, she survived loosing one eye.  His wife survived through breast cancer.  Then he tackled brain cancer. He lost the battle after more than two years, he was given only a couple of months.  He was a leader at our church that taught us how to love God to the best of our abilities.

Joyce - she was the mom of a dear close friend of mine.  She was always joyful when I was around her.  She saw that God had worked wonders in her family's life. 

Josephine - grandma to My I.T. Guy.  She lived an amazing 103 years, almost 104!  She saw the world evolve and change in ways I'm sure she never thought possible.  Can you imagine seeing that many years?  She was full of spunk and taught my mother-in-law how to cook amazing meals, who passed it down to her son.

Norma - my aunt.  I don't think I ever saw her down.  Seriously.  She was they type of aunt that made every niece and nephew believe that they were her favorite.  I know the truth though, my sister and I WERE her favorites! 

These are only four examples of legacies.  What will you leave behind?  How will you leave your mark on the world?  Even if it's a small mark, will you make the difference in at least one person's life?  

Are you able to "pay it forward?" 

"Little ripples make big waves" - Amanda Tapping