Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 14 - Over or Under, the TP issue

There is a battle going on in the office where I work.  It's a very quiet battle, one that only the ladies in the office are aware of.  We have 4 ladies that work in the office with one designated ladies room. This battle has never been won and never will be.  It's been going on for decades all over the world.  

Should the toilet paper roll over or under?

I think it's quite funny that each time I use the ladies room the toilet paper is switched.  Yes, switched.  Who really cares which way the toilet paper rolls as long as there's toilet paper in there?  I do think it's funny though.  

Do you have a preference?  Is there a battle like this going on where you work?  It's become a quiet battle that I believe will become a joke in this office.  At least it is for the two of us that are not swapping it around.