Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Healthier Me, in the Making

Working on self improvement.  This is my journey.  Today I have failed at my exercise and eating goals.  I am lucky though, I plan on having a tomorrow to begin again.  I've been working on getting healthier for many reasons.  It's not about being skinny, or thin.  It's about becoming healthier.  I am about 55 lbs overweight and my body feels it.  I know I will not be able to loose all that weight, but that's ok.  My goal is NOT a number.  It's about the way I feel physically.

I started in November working on our stationary bike.  There are different tension levels, I began at #3.  My rides lasted anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  My average is 30 mins with reaching about 6 miles or so.  I would do this 2-3 times a week.  I started to feel a little better.  

So, I started to watch what I was eating and recording it on an app called MyFitnessPal.  There's a website as well.  MFP connects with my FitBit (really cool pedometer). Doing this has helped me to see what I was eating and my activity level.  I didn't change much of what I was eating.  

January started and I added in slight changes of what I was eating and more aerobic exercise.  I started doing the Jillian Michels 30 day shred.  Well, it kicked my butt the first two days.  By day 4 I could tell the difference.  It wasn't as difficult to do, but still exhausting!

I took a week off due to the fact that I pulled something in my back. I did ride the bike a couple times, but not like I had been.  So, tomorrow I start once again.  Tomorrow I will do my full hour workout.  

My goals:
I want to be able to actually run part of the BIX7 in July.  It's a 7 mile race in Davenport, IA.  I've walked it 3 times.  Last year was the best time I had, so if I actually run part of it I will do even better. 

I want to be able to jog 1 mile straight by the end of the summer.  Don't ask me how, but I'll get there!

Become more flexible. 

Basically feel healthy. 

So, feel free to join me on this journey, it is one of many.

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