Friday, February 7, 2014


When I was younger, much younger, I used to come up with stories for TV shows.  A few times I would even write them down.  I'd use the characters from the show and create my own episode.  

Little did I know that I was not crazy for doing this.  That there are many other people in the world that do the same thing.  It's called Fan Fiction - aka - FanFic. 

As I became an adult I slowly walked away from this part of my life.  I used to follow actors and shows. It was a great escape from all that went on in my life.  No, my life wasn't horrible, as a teenager, it was pretty normal.  I really enjoyed being a fangirl, though.  As I said, I walked away from this.  I had to grow up at one point.  

This all changed in 2008.  A new show came out that I got completely enthralled with it.  It's called Sanctuary. This show began as a webseries, airing their 12-15 min segments online. After several episodes/segments aired SyFy picked it up.  It was wonderful.  It was a whole new world for me to explore.  

The difference with this show, the cast and crew.  Amanda Tapping played the main character Dr. Helen Magnus, (she's from Stargate SG-1.) Well, her, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler put the show together and got feedback from their fans. This alone was different.  They took a different path with this show.  I don't remember when I really started watching Sanctuary, but I have seen every episode that I can tell you almost every line and miscellaneous information regarding the episodes.  

Sanctuary brought me back into the world of fandom. The fun thing was that this time I have the internet at my fingertips!  Social media is a great tool for us fans and the actors that use it.  Sanctuary had their own website:, they were very interactive with their fans, which has created a great group of people who had a link - Sanctuary.  

Anyway, after chatting with other fans I learned about fanfic.  There were others who wrote stories for their favorite shows, and as I learned, for comics, movies, and books as well. So, I started writing once again.  I pulled out those stories from my head and put them in the computer.  Then I put them on the website to get feed back. 

This is where you can find my writings if you are interested.  I do have a favorite story that I've written.  When I read it myself I am still amazed that I wrote it.  It's titled Secluded for Sanctuary.  I have several other stories that I've not posted there that are running through my head.  They will eventually get out of my head and written.  I've had a bought of writer's block for a while now and am just trying to get past that to finish the story I'm on.  I know where I want to go but just can't get past one point. 

So, this is just a taste of what goes on in my head.  

More to come about being a fangirl!

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